One liner to get rid of stereotyping during interviews

If you're someone like me who looks odd for the corporate world, you definitely had interviews wherein the interviewer looked at you like they're disgusted by the way you express yourself.

Stereotyping is something we can never get rid off in the corporate world, but I just happened to have a one liner to spit in the face of the interviewer to make them feel like they are the worst people in the world.

In any interviews,no matter how much you wanted to insult the interviewer, you just can't and you definitely shouldn't. But there is actually a way of insulting someone indirectly. It's the best art of the intelligent people, Sarcasm.

"I never thought this company encourages stereotyping."

That one liner doesn't directly insult the interviewer. It gives the feeling that the company looked bad because of what they did or how they acted. Saying it to them feels like spitting on their face but they can't even tell tell where it came from and how to react on it, so they'll look for someone to blame, and since you're the one there, they'll definitely blame you.

This doesn't guarantee even the slightest chance of passing the interview, but if you're being interviewed by someone like it, its good to leave them feeling bad about themselves. Always remember that the result of an interview will always be based on your skills. But there are times wherein no matter how good you are, when you're speaking with a close minded interviewer, they will always judge you on how you look, just like the saying "First impression lasts".

A negative meaning to a positive picture

Working Hard vs Working Smart

This picture shows that working smart is the best way to do whatever it is you do in life, or is it?

The first time I saw this picture over the internet , it was captioned with "Don't work hard, work smart!". It was really something so positive that you wouldn't think twice on believing what it says. But then there's me, giving a negative meaning to this very inspiring picture.

There are six guys that was supposed to be pushing a cube more than half their size, but then there's this one guy who shaved it off and turn it into a sphere for him to be able to push it a lot faster and easier.

For most of us, we'll look at it as a really smart move. But that smart move doesn't always mean that it is the right move isn't it?
I looked at it on a different perspective and gave meaning to every little images there is in the picture.

The Knife -  In the picture, there's this knife on the ground where the guy pushing a sphere probably started. Assuming that this knife actually came from that guy, can only mean that he have something that everyone else doesn't. This knife could represent a talent or skill when it comes to cheating or doing fraudulent activity. Now why is it left out in the open? It could mean that any kind of cheating will always be caught.

Now I guess that first symbol gets through your head right now.

The Shreds - These shreds that came from once was a cube and turned into a sphere could symbolize all of the rules or processes that wasn't followed just to get ahead in life.

The Sphere and Cube -  These symbolizes the output of everyone. Let's say that the cube stands for an A+ mark and the sphere stands for a C- or even an F. This shows that those guys pushing cubes are working hard to get the best results for whatever they're doing, while the guy pushing the sphere shows that he just wants to get ahead of everyone else, even if its result isn't something good.

With all these symbols and their meanings, I can conclude that working smart isn't really a bad thing, but it just happen to give a different output than those who worked hard.

Note: I have nothing against the artist of the picture. I was just expressing my opinion and an idea. Everyone is welcome to criticize what I posted and more than welcome to leave a comment.

Got LSS from America's Inspector Mills

It was one fine afternoon when my girlfriend and I decided to have some fun singing on our karaoke. While we were at it, my girl saw this small piece of paper inside the song book. It was a list of songs my dad had written on a paper so that he wouldn't have to search for it if he wanted to sing those songs again.

Me being too lazy to look for songs to sing, I decided to just use my dads list and just sing them all whether I know them or not. After singing five or even more songs, One song stayed inside me and just started singing it on a random.

The song was "Inspector Mills" by "America" from their album "View from the ground."
I have no idea why of all the songs I sang, this is the one that got me a last song syndrome, its not even the last song I actually sung or even heard.

Well one thing's for sure, Its one beautiful song. For those who don't know the song, here's some lyrics and video for you.

Inspector Mills I'd like to tell you 'bout a girl I saw
At a party just the other night in Beverly Hills
Inspector Mills I hope you find her and it don't take long
Watch my feelings for her growing strong in a war of wills
Inspector Mills

I can't attempt to point you in her direction
I didn't see her walking out of the door
If I had taken my time she'd be standing here still
Inspector Mills

I recall once in my life I felt this way before
But I let her go and closed the door, walk away
Inspector Mills I can't attempt to show the hurt in me
And just how much I need the company; search the valleys and the hills
You gotta find her Mr. Mills

I can't attempt to point you in her direction
I was blinded by the look in her eyes
If I had taken my time she'd be sitting here still
Inspector Mills

Oo, someday soon I might be in love with her

Inspector Mills I guess you've taken quite a look around
Guess I've heard the word from underground, she's gone for good
Inspector Mills is it any crime for a fool like me
Try to use your time 'cause I wanna see; you just send me the bill
Inspector Mills, Inspector Mills

I can't attempt to point you in her direction
I didn't see her walking out of the door
If I had taken my time she'd be lying here still
Inspector Mills, Inspector

I can't attempt to point you in her direction
I was blinded by the look in her eyes
If I had just followed through then I wouldn't be calling you


Where to buy flesh tunnel earrings in the Philippines

I never thought that this would be a one of the most searched keywords that drives readers into my blog. Then I realized, I was actually searching about it before too.

I wasn't able to blog for a while due to being busy with all my stuff and being so lazy to think of anything to share. So to all of my readers who waited for this post, I shall share to you every information I have when it comes to where to buy your flesh tunnel earrings.

If you're just like me who happens to have not enough budget to buy some cool earrings, I suggests that you just have to be resourceful on looking for anything that you can fit inside your ear, just make sure that its clean and safe.

I'm sure its still hard to look for an improvise ear plugs when its just on the beginning phase, but trust me, 'cause I'm actually using a bottle cap of an astringent as my ear plug.

For those rich fags out there who has a lot of money to spend and waste over something costly, you can always buy your ear plugs on REBEL GEAR. I'm not promoting them, but they are the most accessible outlet that I know who sells ear plugs. I'm not sure if every SM malls has one, but SM North and Trinoma have Rebel Gear Shops.

And for those who are near Recto, there are a lot of tattoo and body piercing shops out there that actually offers a customized ear plugs depending on the size of your tunnel, using maple wood if I'm not mistaken.

If you're asking how much it'll cost, I can't give you a solid information about it, since it depends on how big your tunnel is. But on Rebel Gear, the smallest one would cost around 200 pesos per piece. When I said small, its hardcore small.

I hope this post helped anyone. If you have any other questions you wanna ask me, please do feel free to comment on my post. Thank You!

Expanding your flesh tunnel : A tip for thick ears

Having a flesh tunnel on a stretchable soft ear is easy, but having a flesh tunnel on someone who have a thick hard ear is as hard as their ears.

Stretchable ears can have a 10mm flesh tunnel instanly, without having any bruise inside due to the stretching process. When the slight pain from stretching is finally gone, they can just use silicone stretchers to reach the size that they want. It was that easy for them.

Thick and hard ear is more likely to have more regular ear piercings than to have a flesh tunnel on it. The reason is because it can handle the weight of many earrings and it can handle piercings that are too close to each other, but it can't handle the stretching process a flesh tunnel needs. When one forced its ear to stretched into a huge size, it will leave their ears in a bloody mess and massive swelling due to the flesh that was cut inside their ears. Instead of having their ear stretched, they will resort to just removing the earring because of the pain and the bruises of their ears.

I too have a thick skinned ear. Its not stretchable like other ears. When I was just starting to have my ears stretched, I was really having a hard time.

Not me! I started with just normal earrings. These are round earrings wherein I could put some weights on it whenever I'm at home. I was doing it for a week until my ear finally stretched a little. A size that is enough for me to put a much thicker earring, but still a regular earring, about the same size or even thicker than that of what is used on my tongue piercing.

It was still a round earring, wherein I could still put some weight on it whenever I'm at home. As day comes, I replaced the weight to a much heavier stuff. It was from the smallest pad lock to a normal sized pad lock.

After a week, I replaced it again with something bigger, and the stick of the cotton buds is the best that I could get for my ear.

Week after week I replaced it with something bigger, but only 2mm bigger than what I was using. And while I was having my ear stretched, I regularly massage it and stretch it to have a bigger space for my next ear stretcher.

Disposable straws really helped me a lot on this stretching process, I was eating on every restaurant I know and collected their straws and compare their sizes at home and use it as my ear stretcher.

If you also have a thick ear, my tip is don't get too exited on putting on a huge size of earring 'cause it will turn your ear into a disgusting piece of flesh. You can also reach the size of those who have a stretchable ear, but it will take time. Patience is a virtue.

I now have a 15mm flesh tunnel in both of my ears, and I'm still stretching it until I finally reached my desire size which is 20mm to 25mm.

Good luck on my stretching and good luck to yours!

Typhoon Pedring sends every umbrella to hell

On my way to the mall to enjoy some coffee and to abuse their WiFi, I was forced to use umbrella due to the harsh weather typhoon Pedring has struck Metro Manila.

I'm not someone who normally brings an umbrella with me, 'cause I hate holding something while walking around 'cause I tend to lost it.

Typhoon Pedring struck Metro Manila with strength reaching signal number two. It doesn't have that much rain on it, but it gives hell strong winds!

As I was walking outside, I was with six other people all carrying our own umbrella. It was like a struggle to go against strong winds just to be able to enter a sanctuary against typhoon Pedring.

Just like an army on a war, one by one our umbrellas was destroyed by the strong winds, when I said destroyed, it was totally destroyed! Sheets separating from its skeleton, skeletons broken into pieces.

It was actually funny how we tried to prevent our umbrellas to turn into a total wreck, but still wasn't able to save it.

After all that I've been through, I learned some lessons on how to survive the troubles that I had, that's why I wanted to share some tips about it.

Tip # 1: Never buy cheap umbrellas - Even if you follow all the tips that I will be giving, if you own a cheap umbrella, it will never work. Because a cheap umbrellas skeleton is made up of very weak metal that will easily bend.

Tip # 2: Stay near a wall - A wall will save you from winds that comes from different directions or being hit directly by strong wind.

Tip # 3: Hold your umbrella near - On the event that you don't have any walls to come near to, just keep your umbrella near your body, just like how the Spartans held their shield barricading direct attack.

Tip # 4: Place your umbrella where the wind is - Placing your umbrella where the wind is hitting you while following the third tip, will definitely save your umbrella while looking like a fool dancing tango in the rain, but it'll save your umbrella for sure.

Tip # 5: Run like hell - In the event that all of my tips are not applicable, just fold your umbrella and run like hell to any place that can cover you from the rain and strong wind.

Those are the tips that I can share from my recent experience from typhoon Pedring. I hope that could help you because I haven't thought about it while I was outside that's why my poor umbrella was sent to hell.