"Blogs are whatever we make them.
Defining 'Blog' is a fool's errand."
-Michael Conniff

"Ako Si ROJ" ( I'am ROJ ) Is a blog powered by Blogger dot com and being administered by Rojune Mark for both personal and commercial use. This site shares the authors experiences and thoughts about random stuff that he can think of.

About the Author

Rojune Mark or ROJ is a frustrated blogger and a full time retard wanting to share what he thinks might interest others and can also be useful to them.

ROJ started blogging back in 2008 when a classmate of his introduced him into the blogging world through being a part of a News Website Team. He then learned some blogging techniques and some other things to consider when it comes to creating and promoting a certain website. After all his hardships of trying to create a successful blog throughout all these years, none of them succeeded. He clearly understands the fact that what he was doing was gong o waste because of his laziness and his frustration towards the English Grammar.

It has always been his problem to create a new article, because nothing in his life seems to be special or worth blogging for. He then started to create a list of stuff which he is fond of and decided to use it as tool to create a much better blog posts to share.

In this blog, ROJ thrives his hardest to make this his successful blog after years of failure.

Message from the Author:

Dear my beloved readers,
I doubt that you would even read this page, but still, I wanted to thank you all for droping by my blog, even if it took you only seconds to stay here like you just saw a blank page then proceeded with your wonderful lives.

I just want you all to know that I'm still tring my best to make this blog worth visiting every now and then.

Thank You very much!

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Thanks and happy blogging!