Satanism on Philippine free TV

What's happening on the entertainment scene today?

Watching TV today is definitely not good for your kids, you may not notice it but Satanic symbolism is shown on shows that you didn't even expect to have one.

I'm not telling this to discredit any networks or any celebrities, I'm just expressing my thoughts on what I've been noticing on Philippine free TV today.

First on my list is Rosalka of ABS-CBN channel 2.

Rosalka - The title came from her name Rosa Dimaano and an evil creature called Alka. Rosa is played by one of the most promising young actresses of this generation Empress Schuck. An Alka based on the story and as shown, is an evil creature that looks like the typical 'Tiyanak' of the Philippine Mythology.

But what exactly does Rosalka teaches children?

If you would base your observation on how children will look at the show, you will only notice one thing, they will be looking on hunched-back people on a very bad way.

They would start thinking that every hunchback have a monster on their back and its either they'll be scared of them or start to make fun of them or worst, hurt them!
Some parents even used the show to scare their children, they'll say that the Alka will come get them.

Not evil enough?

Next on my list is Pilyang Kerubin of GMA 7.

Pilyang Kerubin - starred by Barbie Forteza as Charity Santos the said mischievous cherubim. I don't know much about the show, but I do know one thing, Pilyang Kerubin is a fallen angel due to her mischievous doings on heaven.

What is so satanic on Pilyang Kerubin?

The show itself is satanic, the people who watches it specially children are loving the character of Barbie Fortaleza, so what? People started liking the Pilyang Kerubin who is a fallen angel.
Who else do you know as a fallen angel? oh wait! I know one! Satan!

So now knowing that Pilyang Kerubin stands for satan, and parents are still allowing their kids to watch it, and even saying to them not be scared because Pilyang Kerubin is with them, it was just like making your child adore Satan the fallen angel himself!

If you still don't get it, let Charice do the symbols.

Last on my list is the pop star princess Charice Pempenco.

Yup! You read it right! Charice Pempenco doing some satanic symbol and you are actually doing it too!

"Now I just wanna let you know/Earthquakes can't shake us/Cyclones can't break us/Hurricanes can't take away our love.

Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock/It feels just like it's heaven's touch
/Together at the top(At the top, baby)/Like a pyramid"

If you notice the symbol that Charice Pempenco once again popularized, she made a pyramid with her one eye on the middle.

Just like how Jay-Z popularized it as the symbol of Illuminati.
If you don't know who Illuminati is, then you're long way to go before fully understanding this part.

But for you to easily understand it just search Illuminati on Google or on Youtube, they have a lot of information there that could help you on understanding why this pyramid symbol is satanic.

That's pretty much it! If you feel the same way I do, please feel free to comment, or if ever you did not like what you read, a comment would openly be accepted.

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Thanks and good day!


  1. Parents, please keep a close eye on what your children are viewing or listening to. Philippine media will feed your kids with poison. Protect them from this madness. Not to mention the RACISM it subtly teaches. Give your thanks to the Philippine media (ABS and GMA, etc) for all these shit.

  2. how dare you charice mang ibabain ti puli

  3. thank u s info... dpat mging aware ung mga mga youth tlaga ang target n satan!at trully ginagamit ang media and hi technology to deceived people....
    we hv to pray hard....

  4. This is so true. there are so many subliminal messages out there that influences not only children's behavior but all humans behavior. well that's part of the new world order. total world Domination. its time of awakening this secret societies, religion, government, media, showbiz, educational system, medical field are all scam and the real satanist. these are all developed to control human race without them knowing that. its the modern day slavery. wake up people we are all god in physical body. like all ancient scripture said you are son of god and have the image and likeness of it. therefore we have the god power to wake up and change all this.

  5. seem like everyone had fallen into the beliefs of satanism.

  6. I'm logically aware of this malevolent group using the name Illuminati, and knowing all their sorts of insanity throughout the true history, not history in books, a question rises: If they are humans, "only if", why are they doing these madness to their own kind? Or maybe, they are the wolves in sheep's clothing, if you know what I mean. Parang gaya lang sa palabas ng ABS-CBN ngayon na "Juan dela Cruz".