Expanding your flesh tunnel : A tip for thick ears

Having a flesh tunnel on a stretchable soft ear is easy, but having a flesh tunnel on someone who have a thick hard ear is as hard as their ears.

Stretchable ears can have a 10mm flesh tunnel instanly, without having any bruise inside due to the stretching process. When the slight pain from stretching is finally gone, they can just use silicone stretchers to reach the size that they want. It was that easy for them.

Thick and hard ear is more likely to have more regular ear piercings than to have a flesh tunnel on it. The reason is because it can handle the weight of many earrings and it can handle piercings that are too close to each other, but it can't handle the stretching process a flesh tunnel needs. When one forced its ear to stretched into a huge size, it will leave their ears in a bloody mess and massive swelling due to the flesh that was cut inside their ears. Instead of having their ear stretched, they will resort to just removing the earring because of the pain and the bruises of their ears.

I too have a thick skinned ear. Its not stretchable like other ears. When I was just starting to have my ears stretched, I was really having a hard time.

Not me! I started with just normal earrings. These are round earrings wherein I could put some weights on it whenever I'm at home. I was doing it for a week until my ear finally stretched a little. A size that is enough for me to put a much thicker earring, but still a regular earring, about the same size or even thicker than that of what is used on my tongue piercing.

It was still a round earring, wherein I could still put some weight on it whenever I'm at home. As day comes, I replaced the weight to a much heavier stuff. It was from the smallest pad lock to a normal sized pad lock.

After a week, I replaced it again with something bigger, and the stick of the cotton buds is the best that I could get for my ear.

Week after week I replaced it with something bigger, but only 2mm bigger than what I was using. And while I was having my ear stretched, I regularly massage it and stretch it to have a bigger space for my next ear stretcher.

Disposable straws really helped me a lot on this stretching process, I was eating on every restaurant I know and collected their straws and compare their sizes at home and use it as my ear stretcher.

If you also have a thick ear, my tip is don't get too exited on putting on a huge size of earring 'cause it will turn your ear into a disgusting piece of flesh. You can also reach the size of those who have a stretchable ear, but it will take time. Patience is a virtue.

I now have a 15mm flesh tunnel in both of my ears, and I'm still stretching it until I finally reached my desire size which is 20mm to 25mm.

Good luck on my stretching and good luck to yours!


  1. May I ask where you bought your flesh tunnels?

  2. Amazing post and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

  3. wow. i also used cotton buds during my early days in ear stretching. by the way, using weights in stretching increases the migration of your piercing. the teflon tape method is the best, dude.

  4. i believe the the actual best method is using a taper... using teflon tape is known as poor mans stretching and i don't think its very good

  5. Nice post! They look pretty smart. I stretched my ears very harshly to only 6mm and got a blowout. It's nasty and I would definitely recommend your advice of using every size available and do not use some pretty heavy jewelry regularly. Thanks for sharing..

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