Gatas na Choco o Choco na Gatas?

I have been watching this certain commercial of a brand of powdered milk wherein they have this debate about which one is the right way to call the powdered-milks new product.

The new product of “Bear Brand” is a powdered-milk with a chocolate flavor.
The commercial plays two kids having a debate on whether the product is supposed to be called as “Gatas na Choco” or “Choco na Gatas.”
So which one do you think is right?

The question whether it must be called as “Gatas na Choco” or “Choco na Gatas” is one hell of an easy question, someone who can’t answer the question is probably someone who is either too young to get the question, or someone who is more stupid than ahhhmmmnnn…., I don’t know.

The Answer – The right answer would be “Gatas na Choco,” why?
When you read it on Filipino(tagalog) it would seem a little confusing.

“Gatas na Choco” translated to English would be a Chocolate-Milk, while “Choco na Gatas” would be a Milk-Chocolate.
A Chocolate-Milk is simply a Milk with a Chocolate Flavor like the new product is and a Milk-Chocolate is a Chocolate with Milk Flavor probably in solid bar form.

Explanation – In “Gatas na Choco,” the first word is “Gatas”, which means the form of the product is in the form of “Gatas” or milk like the said product, while “Choco na Gatas” means the form of the product is in chocolate form, mostly in solid bar form.

So that ends the debate, if you’re asking why am I posting about this, well, then answer would be I don’t actually know, maybe I just have nothing more interesting to post, so this ends it.


  1. Batok na Choco na lang! or Choco na Batok?