Where to buy flesh tunnel earrings in the Philippines

I never thought that this would be a one of the most searched keywords that drives readers into my blog. Then I realized, I was actually searching about it before too.

I wasn't able to blog for a while due to being busy with all my stuff and being so lazy to think of anything to share. So to all of my readers who waited for this post, I shall share to you every information I have when it comes to where to buy your flesh tunnel earrings.

If you're just like me who happens to have not enough budget to buy some cool earrings, I suggests that you just have to be resourceful on looking for anything that you can fit inside your ear, just make sure that its clean and safe.

I'm sure its still hard to look for an improvise ear plugs when its just on the beginning phase, but trust me, 'cause I'm actually using a bottle cap of an astringent as my ear plug.

For those rich fags out there who has a lot of money to spend and waste over something costly, you can always buy your ear plugs on REBEL GEAR. I'm not promoting them, but they are the most accessible outlet that I know who sells ear plugs. I'm not sure if every SM malls has one, but SM North and Trinoma have Rebel Gear Shops.

And for those who are near Recto, there are a lot of tattoo and body piercing shops out there that actually offers a customized ear plugs depending on the size of your tunnel, using maple wood if I'm not mistaken.

If you're asking how much it'll cost, I can't give you a solid information about it, since it depends on how big your tunnel is. But on Rebel Gear, the smallest one would cost around 200 pesos per piece. When I said small, its hardcore small.

I hope this post helped anyone. If you have any other questions you wanna ask me, please do feel free to comment on my post. Thank You!


  1. Thank you so much for this post, dude. I've been searching for a while now and nothing has come up, and you totally answered my wishes. :D

  2. I've surfed the net more than three hours today, and your blog was the coolest of all. Thanks a lot, it is really useful to me

  3. if you happen to pass by recto cartimar, just near FEU. there's a lot of vendors there. cheap ones too.

  4. Here in Iloilo City you can find One Too here, but the problem is the sizes of the flesh tunnel, that the reason I been searching in the Internet to order the nice one that can fit to my ear I'm using the silver flesh tunnel in my two ears,
    now I'm searching to find and order the black colored flesh tunnel and black ear plug and silver earplug. I hope this blog can help me to find and order it.

    \m/ lol \m/


    1. Sir, I'm from Bacolod.. may ara da baligya sa ilo-ilo? pwd na cla mka ship to bacolod?
      Message me sir : www.facebook.com/SuicideXChapel
      I need 24mm double flare of any material available

  5. Is there an online shop or a web store for plugs/tunnels?
    PM me if may kilala kayo or may alam kayo na shop na nagbibenta online, wala kasi nagbebenta dito ng plugs/tunnels.
    Please message me on facebook : www.facebook.com/SuicideXChapel
    Twitter : @therecklessron

    Thank you

  6. This is cool. I'm looking for an ear plugs for my friend and i need it by Wednesday. I'll go to Cartimar later to check it out. Thanks. @Anonymous : I know someone, just add her up : https://www.facebook.com/JenClaymaster. Thanks Guys!

  7. where can i buy tunnel earrings here in davao.tnx

  8. There is a tattoo shop in Alabang, Muntinlupa that sells ear plugs for flesh tunnels. A pair of stainless steel plug for 100 pesos only. Great deal.

  9. Meron po bang nakakaalam dto ng may nagbebenta ng fake/cheater plugs?

  10. san po meronng areng wood ear plug?

  11. What about tapers? Where can I find? I tried ayosdito.com but nothing there.

  12. Hi guys. I make custom-made flesh plugs and tunnels at affordable price. these are made of polymer clay material. You can add me in FB https://www.facebook.com/JenClaymaster

    @jomari alcoreza, thanks for the mention. ^_^

  13. sinu po may alam bukod sa recto yung mga kahoy na earplugs?

  14. looking for stainless na earplugs 39mm 40mm to 43mm sino pong meron? sinong may kilalang nagbebenta
    papm po

  15. Hi! For anyone who's still interested with ear tunnels, I'm starting a new shop that sells 'em. Customized ones. :D Libre kayong mag-visit sa fb page namin o instagram account. Salamat!

  16. Hey guys! I just discovered this super cool tunnel and plugs shop in the Philippines! Name is TUNNEL LYFE on FB. Super affordable I bought a lot! LOL