Suzuki GSX-R250

On the year 1987, Suzuki brought to the world the very handsome Suzuki GSX-R250, a younger brother of the earlier Suzuki GSX-R750. Like its big brother, the GSX-R250 had a box-frame (steel, not aluminum), full fairing, Full-floater rear swing and a four-cylinder four-stroke engine. But while the GSX-R750 engine was air and oil-cooled, the baby brother had a liquid-cooled engine. Not many examples are seen outside Japan. 17-inch cast wheels and 300 mm twin disc brake at the front.

I wasn't even born yet when they released this sports bike, but it had always been my dream bike ever since I was young up to now. But what does Suzuki GSX-R250 have, that it kept me wanting for it up to now?
Its already the year 2010, and more powerful sports bike are out there, but my heart still seeks the same bike, Its definitely my first love.

Suzuki GSX-R250 is a beginners sports bike, having only a 250cc engine is definitely a good bike for me 'cause I'm not in to racing sports.
Compare to underbone motorcycles, Its more expensive of course, not only the cause of the bike itself, but also the motorcycle oil needed to run a 250cc engine with a weight of 138kg compare to an underbone with a 150cc engine and a weight of 96kg, but hell I care, I love the bike and that's enough reason for me.

The truth about my fascination - On my grade school days, I have always watched the TV show Kamen Rider Black created by the late Ishinomori Shoutarou, up to now, I'm still a big fan of the show.

Kamen Rider Black series was first aired on October 4, 1987, the same year Suzuki GSX-R250 was released. It was the bike that Minami Kotaro (Tetsuo Kurata) uses on the show Kamen Rider Black, together with his Shoei helmet.

All in all, Kamen Rider Black uses three(3) bikes, first is the Suzuki GSX-R250 when he is on his human form, Battle Hopper and Road Sector on his Kamen Rider Black form.

From being a fan of Kamen Rider Black series, I also became a fan of the bike Suzuki GSX-R250. I guess I was destined to ride this bike like my idol Kamen Rider Black.

Here are some videos that might refresh your childhood memories, those times that you we're still copying the rider change move, his rider chop, rider punch, and rider kick.



  1. i'm looking for suzuki that minami kotaro rides in kamen rider black
    and i got lucky to find the info in this blog -- thanks
    i'm a fan of kamen rider too

  2. I'm also a fan of Masked Rider Black..heheh..Tnk u very much..I've learned a lot from this blog..I have been researching about Minami Kotaro's regular motorcycle.I'm glad I've found this page. I feel better now!!!TC

  3. Hi from Brazil!
    I always thought Kotaro rode a Suzuki gixxer750.
    Thanks for this very informative post!


  4. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comments!

    Another info for all Sports bike and Kamen Rider Black fanatics: Minami Kotaro also rode Suzuki GSXR750 but its on Kamen Rider Black RX.


  5. HENSHIN!!

    Just to add..

    battlehopper = Suzuki RA 125
    roadsector = Suzuki GSX R400

    Mine is battlehunk = Honda CS1 125

    Join my adventures at..

  6. so am I! I'm getting an updated GSX-R600 someday. since, it's the only version, available here in Canada