Typhoon Pedring sends every umbrella to hell

On my way to the mall to enjoy some coffee and to abuse their WiFi, I was forced to use umbrella due to the harsh weather typhoon Pedring has struck Metro Manila.

I'm not someone who normally brings an umbrella with me, 'cause I hate holding something while walking around 'cause I tend to lost it.

Typhoon Pedring struck Metro Manila with strength reaching signal number two. It doesn't have that much rain on it, but it gives hell strong winds!

As I was walking outside, I was with six other people all carrying our own umbrella. It was like a struggle to go against strong winds just to be able to enter a sanctuary against typhoon Pedring.

Just like an army on a war, one by one our umbrellas was destroyed by the strong winds, when I said destroyed, it was totally destroyed! Sheets separating from its skeleton, skeletons broken into pieces.

It was actually funny how we tried to prevent our umbrellas to turn into a total wreck, but still wasn't able to save it.

After all that I've been through, I learned some lessons on how to survive the troubles that I had, that's why I wanted to share some tips about it.

Tip # 1: Never buy cheap umbrellas - Even if you follow all the tips that I will be giving, if you own a cheap umbrella, it will never work. Because a cheap umbrellas skeleton is made up of very weak metal that will easily bend.

Tip # 2: Stay near a wall - A wall will save you from winds that comes from different directions or being hit directly by strong wind.

Tip # 3: Hold your umbrella near - On the event that you don't have any walls to come near to, just keep your umbrella near your body, just like how the Spartans held their shield barricading direct attack.

Tip # 4: Place your umbrella where the wind is - Placing your umbrella where the wind is hitting you while following the third tip, will definitely save your umbrella while looking like a fool dancing tango in the rain, but it'll save your umbrella for sure.

Tip # 5: Run like hell - In the event that all of my tips are not applicable, just fold your umbrella and run like hell to any place that can cover you from the rain and strong wind.

Those are the tips that I can share from my recent experience from typhoon Pedring. I hope that could help you because I haven't thought about it while I was outside that's why my poor umbrella was sent to hell.


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