A negative meaning to a positive picture

Working Hard vs Working Smart

This picture shows that working smart is the best way to do whatever it is you do in life, or is it?

The first time I saw this picture over the internet , it was captioned with "Don't work hard, work smart!". It was really something so positive that you wouldn't think twice on believing what it says. But then there's me, giving a negative meaning to this very inspiring picture.

There are six guys that was supposed to be pushing a cube more than half their size, but then there's this one guy who shaved it off and turn it into a sphere for him to be able to push it a lot faster and easier.

For most of us, we'll look at it as a really smart move. But that smart move doesn't always mean that it is the right move isn't it?
I looked at it on a different perspective and gave meaning to every little images there is in the picture.

The Knife -  In the picture, there's this knife on the ground where the guy pushing a sphere probably started. Assuming that this knife actually came from that guy, can only mean that he have something that everyone else doesn't. This knife could represent a talent or skill when it comes to cheating or doing fraudulent activity. Now why is it left out in the open? It could mean that any kind of cheating will always be caught.

Now I guess that first symbol gets through your head right now.

The Shreds - These shreds that came from once was a cube and turned into a sphere could symbolize all of the rules or processes that wasn't followed just to get ahead in life.

The Sphere and Cube -  These symbolizes the output of everyone. Let's say that the cube stands for an A+ mark and the sphere stands for a C- or even an F. This shows that those guys pushing cubes are working hard to get the best results for whatever they're doing, while the guy pushing the sphere shows that he just wants to get ahead of everyone else, even if its result isn't something good.

With all these symbols and their meanings, I can conclude that working smart isn't really a bad thing, but it just happen to give a different output than those who worked hard.

Note: I have nothing against the artist of the picture. I was just expressing my opinion and an idea. Everyone is welcome to criticize what I posted and more than welcome to leave a comment.


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