One liner to get rid of stereotyping during interviews

If you're someone like me who looks odd for the corporate world, you definitely had interviews wherein the interviewer looked at you like they're disgusted by the way you express yourself.

Stereotyping is something we can never get rid off in the corporate world, but I just happened to have a one liner to spit in the face of the interviewer to make them feel like they are the worst people in the world.

In any interviews,no matter how much you wanted to insult the interviewer, you just can't and you definitely shouldn't. But there is actually a way of insulting someone indirectly. It's the best art of the intelligent people, Sarcasm.

"I never thought this company encourages stereotyping."

That one liner doesn't directly insult the interviewer. It gives the feeling that the company looked bad because of what they did or how they acted. Saying it to them feels like spitting on their face but they can't even tell tell where it came from and how to react on it, so they'll look for someone to blame, and since you're the one there, they'll definitely blame you.

This doesn't guarantee even the slightest chance of passing the interview, but if you're being interviewed by someone like it, its good to leave them feeling bad about themselves. Always remember that the result of an interview will always be based on your skills. But there are times wherein no matter how good you are, when you're speaking with a close minded interviewer, they will always judge you on how you look, just like the saying "First impression lasts".


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