Sonnet 1

I'm not good with poetry, I'm not good with words, but whenever I wanted to make a poem, I make one.
Back when I was still on my High School days, my English teacher taught me how to create one type of poetry, and that is none other than a Sonnet.

I was fascinated on how it is done, because of the patterns of syllables and rhyming words needed to make one. I used to write a lot of it back then, too bad I never kept a copy of it. So I wanted to try it once again, I hope this will sound pleasing to all of you.

Enjoy my first sonnet, titled "Sonnet 1"

Staying up on a bitterly cold night.
Your face is the only thing on my mind.
Starring on a blank, sad, and lonely sight.
Still looking for something i could not find.

Reminiscing times when we're together.
Times when we're just talking the night away.
I know I can't make it any longer.
I want to be beside you, if you may.

Fate played a bad joke and kept us apart.
But a heart that fights for its better half,
Will always find a way to never thwart.
In the end, true love will have its last laugh.

When we can finally be together,
I vow to stay beside you forever.

Yeah, I know it sucks! You don't have to rub it in. But if you have any suggestions you could give me to improve my sonnet writing, I deeply appreciate it.

Thank You!

Author : ROJ

Article : Sonnet 1

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


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