Empires & Allies: The Art of Defending

I have long wanted to post about this guide, I was just too busy these days that's why I haven't find the time to post about it. But the long wait is over, I can finally post about this awesome guide.

The root of every empire on Empires & Allies is its army, and no other way to have a dominant army but through smart upgrading and smart selection of army.

The first purpose of army is to defend all your buildings by placing them right next to it. On that manner, I wanted to talk about how to properly use your army to defend your buildings. This would be the smart way of defending your empire.

On some empires, they divide their normal buildings by four, and place armies around it, that is actually good, but that would be too much waste of space.
An invasion has a three by three box size, therefore its nine boxes in total. Knowing this, we can now divide your buildings properly.

When you divide it by nine and play an army around it, it could defend all of your buildings properly, you could feel at ease then, but knowing how to place your army is not enough, you should also know what to place.

When we are talking about placing an army beside your buildings while saving space, we could only mean placing land armies, but of course you could always place water armies around your island to help defend those buildings around the edges of your island.

Land armies has three types, Foot Soldiers, Artillery, and Tanks. Most players defend their buildings by tanks for the reason that it has the highest amount of life points, but having a huge amount of life points is not enough reason to choose it as your defender.

Damage of an army depends on what type of army they are attacking, therefore every army type has its own strengths and weaknesses. On that manner, placing purely tanks to defend your buildings will definitely lose to artillery easily.

Therefore, the smart way of defending your empire would be by placing one of each types of army around your buildings.


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