Landmark Trinoma Cosplay Awesomeness!

I've always longed to post something about this awesomeness, but just like before, laziness had always stopped me.

I wasn't supposed to post about it, but its way to awesome to ignore!

I had always been to Landmark Supermarket, the one on Trinoma mall, and every month they have this themes wherein security personnel wears costumes for it.

I happen to ask one of them about where they get all these costumes from and if they have to pay for it. He said their management is the one who's giving them all of their costumes and they don't have to pay for it because they have to return it after every theme.

Yeah! I guess their management keeps it for next year. That's kinda disgusting isn't it? Well that's just me.

This month of September, Landmark's theme is "Landmark Cosplay and Sports Challenge." The awesome part is they have to wear Naruto outfit, and we all know who Naruto is.*I hope*

It was so awesome that I took a picture of them, of course with me! ;)

I decided to put the Awesome face to cover my face 'cause I looked terribly stupid trying to stop smiling because of their awesomeness. LOL

The first photo was taken at the entrance from Trinoma to Landmark, while the second was taken at the entrance from the parking lot. I was supposed to take more pictures, but it was already late and I have to do my groceries before it closes.

BTW. From the theme itself, it says there Sports Challenge, you're probably wondering where's the sports challenge on just doing cosplay.

Before their team was "Landmark Dance Party", and they have these hot girls dancing on a stage following steps from a game on XBOX Kinect. You can participate to the challenge if you have a minimum purchase of 500 pesos. *That's what I heard*

This September, they setup a small boxing ring like stage, and still with XBOX Kinect. They only have these challenges every weekends, and you will actually win something from it, I guess they call it consolation prize, LOL

I'm looking forward for next months theme. I'll be posting about it from now on! Good luck to me!


  1. I hope the mgmt. see ur blog...
    But admit it...
    Live Dance Party is much ok than the cosplay sports challenge...
    Thanks anyway!

  2. So somebody noticed it too. Hmmm ... My reaction is rather on the opposite though. This isn't as fab for me. Guards = Cosplay= EPIC FAIL. :p

    Will post my reaction later ...