Dragona PH OBT

Gameclub finally releases the schedule of their most awaited Dragona Online Philippines OBT.

After successfully launching the game last July 28, 2011, Gameclub feels that this is the right time and the game is finally ready to be released to its full blast OBT phase.

Like all MMORPG's, Dragona PH encountered a lot of issues, like server issues, bug issues, and the most recently, hacking issues. But after all of it has been solved, Gameclub finally set the schedule for Dragon PH's OBT.

Dragona PH will be having some pre-OBT tests before launching Dragona PH OBT in full blast. There would be scheduled activities like maintenance and other stuff.

On August 7, 2011 10pm, servers will temporarily shutdown for more maintenance and cleaning up, and it will be a five day downtime for game/technical fix and server stability fix. During this phase, CBT characters will not be wiped out yet.

Servers will be up and running again on August 12, 2011 10am for some cash items implementation. You could still play your CBT characters for three more days, because CBT phase will officially end on August 14, 2011 at exactly 10pm.

After officially ending the CBT phase, all characters that was made during the CBT phase will be wiped out, and there would be a one day transition before running the servers again.

OBT will officially start on August 16, 2011 at exactly 2pm, so get yourselves ready for action but also expect some server flooding due to the massive numbers of players that will be participating early on.

Conratulations to Dragona PH and all of their CBT event winners, and see you all on Dragon PH OBT!

A repost from Dragona PH Blog

Author : ROJ