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Dragona Introduction
According to the "Book of the Genesis," the world was created by the Goddess of Light, "Huanis" and her five Dragon Lords. They created many fine dragons to populate the lands. But one dragon named "Jurtan", born of the ashes of creation, mutated and brought forth the vices of darkness, jealousy, despair and death to the world. He acquired followers and became a great threat to the peace of Magic Earth.

To subdue the evil Jurtan, the five Dragon Lords banished him to the continent of "Bartan," known as "The Land of Death". With the evil dragon out of the way, the Goddess and Dragon Lords paid no further attention to him. Enraged, Jurtan escaped and declared war on his Dragon brothers. Thus began "The Dragon Wars" which lasted for 1000 days.

The Dragon brothers eventually won and received blessings from the Goddess. Jurtan was again sent to Bartan, this time with a seal that would prevent his escape. Feeling pity for the countless dragons who died during the war, the Goddess Huanis created stars in the night sky from their sacred souls to honor them and their memory. But the evil Jurtan, unable to become a star, in his bitterness and resentment toward the Goddess cursed her land with this prophecy:

"Although my body decays, my wrath and hatred toward you shall continue through the blood I shed and poison the land for a thousand years. On the day my blood overflows and soaks my heart again, I shall rise again."

When enough time had passed for history to become legend, and legend to turn into myth, in the year 999 of the Vedic calendar, an omen appeared one day. A meteor shower appeared in the red sky and the Thebes River overflowed with dark waters. This was known as "The Seal of the Great Storm" and with it, the seal that bound Bartan was broken.

To prevent Jurtan's self-predicted resurrection, the faithful followers of the Goddess Huanis, known as the "Order of Huanis", began a Holy War against the followers of Jurtan in Bartan. They were joined by Dragona warriors who were capable of becoming "possessed" by the dragon spirits of the stars. They gathered around Bartan, as if drawn together by fate. Their Mission: To defeat the evil Jurtan and bring honor and glory to the name of Dragona!

But what they found in Bartan was very different from what was described in the "Book of the Genesis." As the Dragona warriors fought in their quests, the true meaning of their dragon blood was gradually unveiled. Contrary to what the historical records of their legendary "Dragon Wars" taught, the truth about Jurtan and the Goddess Huanis surfaced, along with the real enemy that they must face...

The adventures of Dragona had just begun.

From the gaming label that brought us online games such as Cross Fire and Special Force, Game club released its newest edition to their online games.

Dragona PH successfully started its closed beta phase last Thursday and was massively overwhelmed by the amount of players that was waiting for it to start. Due to the overwhelming numbers of players, the game added a new server to accommodate the amount of entering players as they continue to grow.

There are currently two available servers, Ezulan and Juda.

Like all games during their CBT phase, server errors and disconnections are expected. The CBT phase will last until August 17, 2011.

Dragona PH CBT Events

A. THE BUG HUNT - Open to all pre-beta participants. An event that focusses on finding bugs/glitches on all UI, Game Functions, Features, Etc.

B. CHAMPIONS OF BARTAN - Top 10 Players (per server) at the end of the pre-beta phase.

C. THE AMAZING RACE - First 100 players to reach level 35

D. AN EPIC VOYAGE - The player who has achieved the highest level at the end of pre-beta phase wins. 1 winner per server. If 2 or more players have the same level, winner will be based on the EXP gained, then Battle Points (PVP).

The winners of this events will sure have rewards that will surely give you an advantage on the Open Beta phase.

So start your adventure now and join us!

To know more about the game visit their official websites.

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