Unworthy of Love and Loyalty

An unbearable sight - It was already past 2pm yesterday and I was already on my way home. I was supposed to take the train from Santolan Station to North Avenue Station, but then decided to just take the bus instead.

Everything was going smoothly, just as how it used to be. Moderate to heavy traffic is always expected when passing through EDSA. Yes, everything is ok.

While on the Bus, I was just staring outside the window, and then there she is staying calmly at the Emergency Bay.

A dog was staying at the emergency bay along EDSA, I don't know the exact name of the area, but from what I remembered, I just passed Camp Crame and the next landmark I remembered is Samson College Cubao.

Even though I just passed by the emergency bay for just a minute or even less, I can clearly see that there is noone there that could possibly own the dog.

Still waiting - By just staring at her I can clearly see the inocence of her eyes, that it was still waiting, still hoping that her owner will comeback for her. She was already skinny probbably because of hunger, but she still manages to stand and look around wondering when or from where will she be seeing her owner again. :(

The worst happened - After passing by the emergency bay, the rain just started pouring heavily that it made me wanna jump out of the bus, and get back to the poor dog to help her get a better place to stay. If only I could. :(

*She looks a lot like this dog from the picture*

I'm not a good owner myself, but I know to myself that i would never abandon a family.

I don't know what could she possibly done to receive such punishment, but its still too much!

Bad owners are definitely not worthy of love and loyalty of a dog.

"Dogs are the only one in the world that will love you more than themselves"

I already sent an e-mail to PAWS, and hopefully they could help her. But if you are still interested to help, please do send them also a mail about the same report. That way, the more people to report the it, hopefully the faster they could take action about it. Thank You and God Bless!



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