Empires & Allies: Tips and Guides

Its been a month since ZYNGA releases their newest addition to their most loved social networking games.

For those who doesn't know, Empires & Allies is Zynga's first combat and strategy game. The game, the first release by Zynga's Los Angeles studio, launched in twelve languages on June 1, 2011. The game is a freemium game, meaning there is no cost to play but players have the option of purchasing premium content.

This guide is for any type of gamer, wether your someone who spends more time playing games than having some good moments with your family or someone who just casually play games.

If you have played other ZYNGA games (I'm sure you did) then the basic stuff is just the same. Following the starter quests will help you start up your Empire pretty well and I have no more to discuss about the basics, as long as you follow all the starter quests.

I decided to talk about this first, because its the most important thing that you should definitely give importance to.

Farms lets you earn money, and its the best source of income until you grow stronger. Meaning, the more farms you have the better. It will definitely help you when it comes to your expansions.

Lumber mills is one of the less you should invest on, not to the point that you don't have one. Wood is only used on creating buildings and houses, and you doesn't always have to create one.

One of the most important thing that one empire must have, but don't exagerate having so much of it, because you're going to regret it once you opened higher level of Oil Wells, so if you're still using the basic Oil Well I advise to not to create too much of it, because sooner or later you'll have to sell it, and its not even half the price of when you bought it.

Ore Mines only lets you have one kind of ore, therefore if you will be needing a different ore, you have to buy it from others or you can ask for it.
Its the same as the Lumber Mill, so don't give too much importance on it, but it is actually a good source of income, but I don't think the energy you spent on harvesting it is worth it.

We finally came to the most important part, Neutrality.

Since Emires & Allies is a combat and strategy game, there's no helping invading other players and being invaded. But this kind of act will only lead to hate amongst friends.

Being neutral is the best way to save yourself getting invaded but still being able to invade others without them getting mad at you.

The trick is whenever your Empire is not neutral do all the invasion that you have to do, because there are actually quests that requires you to invade other players. When you're done with all your invasion, declare neutrality on your World Embassy, that way you will withraw from all your invasion, but your Infamy points remains the same, and the fact that you owned your friends without them getting back at you is AWESOME!!

But ofcourse you always have to watch your back!

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Expanding your empire is not as easy as expanding your city on Cityville, because E&A is such a strategy game that even expansion needs a good strategy to have a better empire.

You get to own five(5) islands, but the strategy is on which should go first, the tip here is to never expand one island fully, instead reach for the next island, that way you get to have more land area and a decent amount of water area but with less wasted areas wherein you couldn't even place anything on it except some decorations or just let trees and stones pop out on it.

The reason why you need more lands than water areas is pretty obvious, all units is placed on land except for ships ofcourse. In that manner, you definitely expand on land areas other than the water part.

A lot of players actually ignores Government Buildings whenever they visit a neighbor. It is actually a waste not tending to a Government Building that you have a position on, because it gives decent amount of money rather than clicking on farms and houses.

Adding members for your Government Buildings, make sure that the players you will be selecting are avid gamers and don't just add anyone, because in time they will realize that its a huge waste not tending to Government Buildings.

This is a new addition to E&A and it really helps a lot. A tip on how you should upgrade your armies is actually needs more strategy than you think of.

Most players upgrade damage first because its actually the first one that they could click, but its so wrong for someone who plays strategically.

The first one that you might want to do is to reduce the time an army is created, on that way, you get to attack while all of them is still waiting for their army to finish.

Art of Defending
Most invaders actually invades the one that gets them the most money, and that would be none other than Government Buildings.

The proper way of defending is not just putting your strongest army, for alost all players, they defend their Government Buildings by tanks, because it has huge amount of life and a decent damage, but the fact that it has its weakness and its artillery armies, all their damage will be put to waste, and artillery has a bonus against tanks.

So the best way to defend is a variety of armies, don't just cover it with tanks, add some soldiers and artilleries.

That's all that I can think of right now, I will post more when more updates come!


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