Very funny yet stupid commercial for an ice cream

I wanted to post about this for a long time, but just haven't had the chance to do so.

Now that I have enough time *I guess to post about it, I will now share my thoughts about a certain commercial that has been going on for months now.

Its the Selecta Cornetto Choco Java commercial about buying a sweater. Its actually funny, I mean real hell funny, but It wasn't conceptualized right.

I don't have anything against the one who thought about the commercial, but if they were selling a different product, I think that will actually make it perfect.

The commercial goes this way, A guy wanted to buy a sweater on a store having only 20 pesos, of course its not enough to buy one, so the store owner, which happens to be a goon like bug guy, gust gave the guy a hug and asked if he wanted a short-sleeve, a long-sleeve, or a hoodie.

It was so funny, because of the fully-beard big guy giving a hug, and it was so gay! *No disrespect intended for homosexuals

The stupid part was, A guy buying a sweater because he wanted to get himself warmed, and you will offer him ice cream? What?!!!

If they were selling some hot coffee or an instant noodles perhaps, that commercial would've been perfect.

But hell, the commercial was funny, just don't think of the reality and enjoy the commercial on a cold day while having an ice cream!

This is the tv commercial, good thing they have their own channel on youtube. Enjoy watching!



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