Work Hard, Play Harder!

Hello there! After almost two months of not posting anything on my blog due to me having some rough times that I don't think anyone of you even cared about. *seriously

Now that GOD has lifted off the misery that I was having, I'm now free of any debts or some issues regarding money money money. I am currently employed on a company that gives not that bad salary, really! not that bad at all. *I wish

I wasn't allowed to name the company due to the contract i signed. It says there that I'm not supposed to use the name of the company, or share any information about it on any way, of course that includes social networking, and blogging.

Given above. lets just put it this way, I'm currently working for a company that owns games, and its insanely popular! Hell yeah! You now have an idea why i titled this post as such.

Let us now know if what you had in mind is correct. So how do I actually spend my eight hour shift? Well I just play games! That's it! and some jobs that will normally take less than two hours to finish, and in the case of one of my colleague, only forty-five minutes. *If you will have the chance to read this and I know you do, You know who you are! LOL

At first, I can't actually believe that there is a company that will be paying me for just playing. Its actually insane, specially if you compare it to some other jobs that put so much stress to an employee, and yet I'm earning just the same, or even higher. *coughs

Who ever said Facebook games addiction can't be cured? - Being on a company that pays me to play for my whole shift, it actually cured my addiction to these games, I slowly gotten tired of playing these games, but what the hell, I don't have anything to do, so why not just play.

That surely gives you an idea of where I'm working or to whom I work for. Well I never said any company names right? LOL

I think that's just about it, I will be sharing more of my adventures if I still have time to blog, 'cause my job is sooooo tiring. *wink


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