In DESPERATE need of money!

Yes, you read it right. I’m currently in big, no, in huge need of money right now.

But instead of putting some stupid ads on my blog that I know would irritate most of my readers, I’d rather put a PayPal Donate button on my page, and let God’s mercy and my generous reader’s heart provide me with some money that will be a great help for the financial situation I’m currently having.

I’m not paying anything for this blog to be up and running, but like every one of us, we have bills to pay on our daily life.

I could live my life having no electricity at home, or even having no water supply at home, but having nothing to eat is too much. Specially my pets! I could last for a day or even a week having nothing to eat, but seeing my pets having nothing to eat is really tearing my heart out into million pieces.

I could still continue blogging, thanks to some shops that offers free wifi, and all you need is a huge gut to go there and stay there without even buying anything. LOL *SERIOUSLY

Every dollar counts - I’m not asking for any certain amount, I just need any amount that you could provide me, for me to be able to continue living a quite happy life, and be able to share more that could interests my readers.

I know I don’t deserve any donations from you guys, unlike those people from Japan. But even if, I still hope someone out there would have a very generous heart that will be able to donate even a dollar.

Get a job! - I do have a job before, but certain things do happen to some corporate slave that has been striving hard to earn money.

I currently signed a contract with a company, but I will be starting my work on May, and I still don’t know where to get my daily fare to get there.

One meal a day – Since I don’t even have any money left, good thing I still have a bag of oatmeal at home that I could still eat and manage to make it last for a month, hopefully.

A huge Thank You in advance – I would like to thank my readers, especially those who will be helping me out on my time of need.

Thank you for all the help that you will be lending me.


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