I'm proud of my Filipino accent! (Aym prawd op may Pilipino aksent!)

Hey there spider! This is your boy ROJ, and I'm going to share with you someone who is so awesome, that he will definitely make you proud of your Filipino accent!

This was also shared to me by my colleague, and believe it or not, just right after watching the video I became a fan of the guy. I'm talking about none other than Michael John Yadan Tumanguil Pestano Bustos also known as Mikey Bustos.

Mikey Bustos (born June 23, 1981) is a Filipino-Canadian singer who appeared on the reality television show Canadian Idol. He was known for his signature blue contact lenses.*I'm not sure if this line makes sense

He placed seventh runner-up in the finals of Canadian Idol Season One in August 2003, despite Chart magazine's prediction: "If we were to lay our bets today, ChartAttack’s money would be on Toronto contestant Mikey Bustos, a slightly strange looking young man with a shaved head and the voice of an angel." From his very first audition where he floored the four judges, he won the hearts of millions, establishing the largest fan base early in the competition, and made headlines all over the country.
Mikey recorded with BMG Canada/Vik Recordings for the Canadian Idol Compilation album, which hit GOLD status on the Soundscan Billboard charts on second day of release, and ranked in the Top 5 best selling Canadian albums in its debut week, selling over 60,000 units nationwide.

*Info's courtesy of Wikipedia

Like Mikey, I also have the Filipino accent and decided not to use it since I was on my high school days, not because I'm not proud of it or I want to intimidate those who can't adapt the American accent, I just learned to speak it without noticing it because of me always mimicking lines from western movies, and also singing songs from western artists.

Now that almost every person you will be meeting on a mall is a call center agent, you would always hear them speaking in English with their American accent, and to some with their British accent. I never used my western accent whenever I don't have to, I would always use Tagalog/Filipino or if needed, I will just stick to my Filipino accent.

There are actually a lot of Filipinos who uses their new found accent to intimidate people. I think they thought that bragging your accent can make you look cool or rich, nah! I don't think so! Manny Pacquiao is hell cool and stinking rich! and yet he speaks a hardcore Filipino accent, make sense right?

To end this post, I just want to tell everyone that I'm proud of my Filipino accent, and here's the Filipino accent tutorial video of Mikey Bustos. Enjoy!



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