Epic VFX for a TV commercial

TV commercials her e in Philippines is starting to level up when it comes to killer visual effects.

As someone who is just starting to study visual effects on my own, I definitely admire those short films that have awesome visual effects.
A typical commercial here in Philippines does not show too much VFX, but lately, new commercials are starting to come out with awesome VFX, some of these are the following.


An awesome VFX was brought to us by Cobra Energy Drink. The commercial shows a cloud storm starting to surround the city, it shows sky scrapers being covered with cloud storm, then three guys went on the middle of the city to punch the ground and causes the cloud storm to be pushed back by some kind of FTW pressure.

(I'll be adding a video if its available on YouTube)


Another energy drink brought us an awesome VFX on a TV commercial. The commercial shows two guys in some biohazard suit delivering the said product on a convenient store. (I guess?) Then came Derek Ramsey to get a drink, and as a tradition of Sting Energy Drink commercial, he smashed the bottle into the table and that causes some awesome destruction VFX to the city.

I know there’ll be more awesome commercials to come, or there are some more commercials that I haven’t watched yet.
I’m looking forward for more VFX advancements on Philippine commercials, and hopefully I can also make some awesome VFX short films myself.


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