Sleepless nights

It's been 3 days of exhausting sleepless nights since the fire threat started.

Rumors have been running through our place(Sitio San Roque) about an arsonist paid by the NHA (National Housing Authority), It was even made true when a text message threat was received by one of the dwellers from a former neighbor. The said neighbor was paid by the NHA and now works for them, she even have a bigger relocation on Montalban, Rizal including her son's family, even if the said family are not qualified for a relocation.

"Only those family that are censused on the year 1996(Not accurate) are qualified for a relocation, they are those families who have been living here for more than a decade."

If a family wants to have the relocation site on Montalban, Rizal, they must submit some requirements, that includes doing a self demolition of their house, sounds reasonable right?, then what seems to be keeping these family from accepting this relocation?.

Most of the families who live here are the poorest of the poor, they are those families who can only eat once a day. The main source of income on our place is from selling rags on the streets, and because of the need for more money, children who sells rags even dare to sell it on main roads, despite the danger that is lurking, these children still do it to earn more than the usual.

On the said relocation, families are obliged to pay 200 pesos monthly only for the first five years, and after five years the payment grow bigger and bigger. The payment is for the house and the lot of the relocation. The total price of the relocation is 175,000 pesos.

Now, how do you expect those families to pay for it? On the relocation site, there are no source of income for this families, no electricity, and no water supply. How can actually a family live on such a place? Ask the government!

Our place is one of the Ayala Lands, and now they want it back! The Quezon City government is planning to make the area into a Central Business District, that's why we are being kicked out. They said its for the improvement of the city. More business structures means more tax, less poor people means less use of tax. The city will definitely improve, from the highest tax paying city, into the most corrupt city.

NHA rumored to use fire - Famillies who are willing to fight for their houses is becoming a pain for NHA. Using fire is the fastest and cheapest way to get rid of us all, that's why every area on our place is being so vigilant, that we have to conduct roving every night just to prevent any arsonist attack. I, as one of the dwellers, voluntarily be a part of the many roving team, and stay awake from dusk 'til dawn to protect our place from these heartless criminals.

"The people, who were trying to make this world worse... are not taking a day off. How can I? Light up the darkness." -Bob Marley

Author : ROJ



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