Arsonist attack!

It was already 12:00AM(+8:00 GMT), I was just about to take a bath before going to bed when I heard my neighbors talking 'bout a house on fire.

Still soaking wet, I wear my clothes and climb up the roof for a better view of where the fire is. From where I'm standing, the fire looks like it was coming from somewhere near my girlfriend's house. Knowing that she was already asleep, I called her to wake her up.

I rushed down stairs to wake my mom, and ran to my girlfriend's house afterwards. When I reached her house, good heavens shes safe. I told her not to panic, I will go to where the fire is and see what help I could offer, and so I did.

The fire as already huge when I got there, but there weren't any fireman. I helped to put up the fire by pouring pails of water on the burning house. It was sad to see that during those time, most of the guys there was just staring and not caring to help at all. We were just about 50 guys helping to put out the fire, while there was more than a hundred guys just watching the fire grew large.

On all of my fire experience, its always the Chinese Volunteers who came first, I admire them for their dedication to help. We have our own fire station just a feet away, but whenever these situations happen, their always late.

After the fire finally being put out, the cause of the fire was finally known. A witness saw an arsonist thew a Molotov cocktail on a warehouse that rapidly spreads the fire. The arsonist was rumored to be paid by the NHA(National Housing Authority) to strike fear on every dwellers of Sitio San Roque to accept the inhuman relocation site that they proposed.

Its sad to see families crying because they have nowhere to live, but what saddens me more is the fact that the government is doing such evil stuff just to evict us from our homes for their personal desires to gain more wealth from taxes of huge business structures.

Author : ROJ



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