Inspired by a bald minimalist

I was inspired by my colleague Jesse on the way he blogs, he's been blogging like for ages already.
I don't actually plan to blog like how he do it, because I know I can't. I'm a no good blogger, and I accept it. So I will just blog on how I used to, but on a much lighter way, just like him, a minimalist.
I will just keep my post plain and simple, so that I could post more and I don't have to think of stuff that might get readers interested on what I'm writing, because it gives me headache!

Before, I post stuff that others wanted to read, even though I don't even care about it. It sucks to write stuff unwillingly just to attract readers to read my blog, its like taking away my ability to think as myself, and to write what I actually feel.

Now that I finally decided on what to make of this blog, I will make it happen, even if I will only be wasting my time.


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