Red Tea + Caramel Macchiato + Sterilized Milk = Midnight Bathroom Musical

Just got home from a day out with my girl, when I started feeling strange, a feeling you don't want to have whenever you're on a public place such as the mall, at school, on the church, etc.
Good thing I was already at home when I got the strange feeling, and even right now while I'm blogging, I can still feel it.

I already have a hypothesis on where or what is the reason behind this, and that would be because of the three kind of drinks I had for this day.

The first one would be the Sumo size Red Iced Tea from Tokyo Tokyo.

It was Lunch time when me and my girl went to the mall, and there we decided to eat at the said restaurant.
I ordered a two piece Chicken Karaage with Sumo size red iced tea, while my girl ordered the prawn and veggie blah blah blah with regular size red iced tea. I finished my meal all cleaned up including the sumo sized red iced tea. My girl wasn't able to finish her drink so she asked me to drink it all up, and so I did 'cause I was still thirsty.

The next one is the Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato from StarSUCKS.

As we we're walking around the mall, we decided to have a coffee at the said shop.
And there I ordered a venti iced caramel macchiato while she ordered just the tall one because she wants to put it on her StarSUCKS tumbler which can only contain a tall size iced coffee.

(FYI: If you order a tall size drink at StarSUCKS having your own tumbler, you are given a five pesos discount)

And after going in and out of every shop and trying on some shoes and shirts and everything else but not even buying anything (LOL) inside the mall, we decided its already time to go home.

Before going home, I decided to go to the grocery first to buy something to eat and drink at home, so I decided to buy the last ingredient that causes me this miserable feeling.

The Nestle Bear Brand Sterilized Milk (1L).

When I got home, I just put on some ice on a pitcher then pour in the milk and drink the whole one liter of sterilized milk.

At first I didn't feel anything funny, I was even able to watch TV and have a snack, but after an hour, I started feeling like there's something inside my tummy that wanted to break loose, and it started rumbling, and I farted a lot until it reach the point that I'm feeling something that is wanting to come out of my @$$#073., so I rushed to the restroom and there I started a midnight concert!

It was so funny because of the annoying sound I'm making while I'm doing my thing, and I was actually $#!++!\6 in liquid form like it was some kind of milk shake or something like that.

I've been to the restroom three times already, and I can still feel like there is still something inside that is wanting to set free, so after ending this blog, I will go directly to the restroom, I think i can actually sleep there..... (LOL seriously)

A word of advise, if your feeling it, then do it no matter where you are! LOL....