ZX Online Ingot Trade

Wanting to be more powerful on ZX Online, or even other online games, one must have the money to have power.

On ZX Online there are daily quests that requires a lot of gold but in return, give a huge amount of exp. In order to have that much gold, one would either grind and collect all the drops and sold it to NPC's or just Top-up.

When we hear the word top-up, that would definitely mean cold-hard-cash that we have to spend in order to be more powerful on every online games that we play.
If you are a grind type of player, you definitely do not notice the money you are spending, specially those gamers that still lives with their parents, because you're mom is paying for the internet and electric bills you spent for playing your games.

I can say that I'm saving more money on topping-up rather than grinding, because a powerful gaming computer uses a lot of electricity.

Back to ZX Online - Ingot trade is one of the features of ZX Online wherein a player trade his Gold Ingots(EP) for Gold in-game or vise-versa. But how do Ingot trade works?

Before, I will honestly say that I was one of those players that are having problem on understanding how the Ingot trade functions, and I feel so dumb about it.

If ever there are still gamers that are new to this feature, I will teach you how to do it correctly.
  • First, make sure that after you top-up on e-games, convert your E-points to Gold Ingots.
  • On ZX Online, Look for "Banker Jin Mancang" (199, 59) of Heyang City.
  • Deposit your Gold Ingots
  • You can either sell your Ingots on the unit price players wanted to buy it, or sell it on your own price.
  • "10 Gold 77 Silver sell 92 pieces" means a player is selling his 92 Gold Ingots for 10 Golds and 77 Silvers each.
  • "9 Gold 2 Silver purchase 207 pieces" means a player is buying 207 Gold Ingots for 9 Golds and 2 Silvers each.
  • A fee is collected depending on how much Gold Ingots you are trading.

Thats pretty much it. If ever you still have questions about it, please feel free to comment your questions. thank you!


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