Lupin / Bonding Bliss / Joyous

Lupin was founded by Lady Jingling, formerly a powerful Vim lord. She quickly mastered the arts of their sacred tome, the Librus and after learning all she could, the former Vim follower founded Lupin to rival her former masters.
A Lupin follower is swift and silent like an assassin. Their critical heavy hits make them a wanted ally in a fight, however their weak defense makes them vulnerable when outnumbered and surrounded.
Bonding Bliss School is one of the demon path. They are assassins with high critical strike and high damage. They look graceful and thus make you unaware that the danger is just beside you. They are the only one who can get the head of the enemies instantly. Its deadly weakness is defense.
Joyous Clan - Lady Jingling of the heretical sect few of the most powerful adepts of the mystical arts, for she had mastered the sorcery recorded in the sacred Librum of the heretical sect. Three hundred years ago, she founded Joyous clan that rivals the might of GhostLord Clan. The skills of Joyous Clan are cunning and swift, the disciples of Joyous Clan will usually use their sorcery to enchant the enemies to weaken them. Their attack movements are elegant, as if they are dancing, that the enemies will not even notice dangers are approaching.

LupinBonding BlissJoyous 
Tier 1
Part WaterWater StrikePiercing Water3/9
Free SpiritResolute ValorDissolute3/3
MeditationFocal FugueConcentrate8/8
HasteGlitter PathGrand Wave8/8
Full of LoveDevotion?0/8
MistMist ShieldMisty Rain3/8
Love's SnareHeart Trap?0/9
Thicken BloodSanguinaryPassion8/8
CloudbreakerBroken Cloud?0/9
Tier 2
Scent of DarknessSubtle ScentShade Ravage3/9
ChargeSwift StrikeDash3/3
Hazy BlurDazeMystic5/8
Dimly DiscernableEvanescentUnpredictable8/8
Flying PetalsDeadly Blossom?0/9
LovesicknessMournful StrikesHunger2/8
OverwhelmEstatic Frenzy?0/9
Positive ReinforcementInspireBestir9/9
Ancient PrayerHeavens Boon?0/8
Tier 3
Dance of the ButterfliesButterfly DanceButterfly Dance1/9
Fallen CityMesmeric StrikeFlirtatious5/9
Gentle DeceptionPersuasion?0/8
Seductive BrushRageLingering9/9
DeterminationResoluteStrong Will8/8
Mountain SongVow of Enmity?0/9
Uncertain EmotionDevoted StrikePathetic8/8
Deep WaterStill WaterTranquility8/8
Tier 4
Jeden ShadowSilhoutte StrikeJadenite Shadow5/9
FantasyIllusory Defense?0/3
SunsetPiercing StrokeSunset3/9
Love's GlanceCharming StanceLeer8/8
Acid RainEstatic Strike?0/9
Forgotten WorriesPeerlessForgotten8/8
River DwellerFourfold Strike?0/9
Cold DispositionDecrepify?0/6
Wish on a StarStar Strike?0/9
Tier 5
Forgotten DreamFading DreamAssault6/6
Blessing of SpringRadiant DefenseCherish5/5
Shadow of HopeDouble Strike?0/4
Frozen MemoriesWhirlwind StrikeForce of Nature2/2
Tomes / Heavenly Book / Libraw
?Blessed Skill?1/1
?Dire Blossom?2/2
?Dark Heart?3/3
?Auric Focus?1/1
HateParting SorrowSuffer 
?Daemon Sky?2/2
?Aura of Battle?3/3
?Sorrow's Strike?2/2
?Heaven Trap?2/2
?Enhancein Aura?3/3
MiseryHeart DeathDoom 
?Shimmer Strike?2/2
?Divine Blessing?2/2
?Death Dream?2/2
?Enhanced Sentiment?2/2
?Moral Strike?2/2
?Critical Potence?3/3


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