The birth of " 'KILL' "

I have played ZX Online Philippines since its CBT(Closed Beta Test) on 2008, but I quit due to school reasons. I came back on the mid start of the OBT(Open Beta Test) on 2009, but again quit for the same reason. After all of those unsuccessful start, I again came back for more, at the start of 2010, February 7 to be exact.

I started playing ZX Online again, and that was the day "Y0KAI" was born. I even dedicated a blog for him, but due to E-Games server problems, I gotten tired of daily server errors that lead me again on quitting ZX Online.

Power over Fashion - From the beginning, I have always created a Ghost Witch character, during the CBT period "Ryukk" was born, during the OBT period "Crow" was born, then "Y0KAI". I have always liked Ghost Witch because of their cool dark look, regardless of their strength, I have always been fascinated on their Gothic look.

But as time pass, new patches came, and more fashion clothing can be bought on the Universe Treasure House. I saw this Witch costume, and I said to myself, why settle for a Ghost Witch, when I can be a hard hitter assassin? Then from that thought, " 'KILL' " was born! An assassin from Bonding Bliss School, meant to be powerful and fashionable at the same time.

Blog about 'KILL' - I will no longer make a new blog, I will just make use of this blog to show updates of 'KILL'. As a beginner, it is just alright to be called NOOB, after all I'm still starting from scratch again.

A true friend helps - I hope I could find someone who could lend me a hand on becoming a better assassin, someone kind enough to boost me into a more powerful assassin and be known through out the whole ZX world.

Any Information will do - If someone could help me with how assassin works, that is greatly appreciated. I don't know anything about Bonding Bliss School. I need someone who could help me with quests and items that is required or in need of an assassin.

To sum it up, I hope 'KILL' will finally be the success from all of the failures that I've done on the ZX world.


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