My Zombie Apocalypse

After almost three months of posting nothing due to my cut-off internet connection, I finally decided to post something that has been bothering me for years.

Thanks to Jesse my schoolmate, for giving me an idea of what to post right now.

We were on coffee experience yesterday when we started talking 'bout a Zombie Apocalypse, it was a crazy talk at first but then I realized if that would be possible I should be prepare for the worst.

He said a Zombie Apocalypse will not work due to a rotting body of man will not last long and it will not be able to go against modern weaponry.

A dead body would probably rot on open air for just a week or so, and due to its rotting body a zombie will not be able to move fast like a living man under its adrenaline rushed.

As seen on movies by 'George A. Romero' like the 'Dawn of the dead,' zombies started as a medical disease that can be transfer through bites from the infected.

In the movie, zombies wasn't able to think normally but have a huge hunger for human's meat, they also have better sensations, they can run like hell whenever they feel, see, or smell an uninfected man and eat its flesh and turn them a zombie.

If and only if the zombie apocalypse would be like the movie, humanity could survive easily due to modern weaponry and armors that could protect a man from infection and could kill zombies easily.

But then if the zombie disease isn't through bites from infected you could think of a harder way to stop its spread.

If the zombie disease is airborne, a possibility of a much much worse damage and could actually annihilate the human race and cause a zombie apocalypse.

What are the possibilities man would cause that kind of disease? A chemical warfare will do. If a terrorist would want to annihilate a certain country, a huge chemical warfare will actually do.

If a chemical would actually cause man to became zombie, a conclusion is formed.

A Zombie Apocalypse is possible!


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