Finally free from sore eyes!

After almost two weeks of suffering this stupid illness, I can finally say that I'm completely healed and back to normal.

On the contrary, I'm suffering right now on a massive headache. It hurts a lot, I'm actually feeling dizzy right now, but nothing I can't handle, oh wait... *puked*

As I was saying, being back again on a much better condition, I can finally make a post again after my long-time vacation for my healing period.

Let me tell you how I got 'The' sore eyes that made almost two weeks of my life to suffer. I don't know when or how I was infected, but I remembered waiting outside our house for for almost eleven (11) hours.

Wow! 11 hours?! who could possibly wait that long? well I just did. I'm not actually proud of it, 'cause it sucks big time! It was like I was struck by bad-luck, I left my keys, and my mom will be late to come home due to a sudden meeting, It was an awful day!

So, how did I spent my precious 11 hours of my life? Well I spent it sitting, waiting, standing, sweating, waiting, waiting, and more waiting. Gotten bored of doing the same thing over and over again, I decided to play with my neighbors kids.

There were a lot of them! It looks like I was playing with kids from an orphanage, but surprisingly, those kids came only from two families, and there were almost thirty (30) of them!

Not realizing how dirty those kids were, I just kept playing with them to kill some time.

When my mom arrived home with my brother, I tucked myself to bed and sleep! I didn't wash myself before I slept! I was so tired to remember to do it.

When I woke up the next morning, there it is! my eyes is swollen! I can't open my eyes! There it is, that's how I got 'The' sore eyes!

If I still have enough time, I will make a post 'bout how I spent almost two weeks of my life suffering 'The' sore eyes.


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