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"The more ads that appear on blogs the less we will all trust in honesty of the medium as a whole."

I have always had a hard time thinking of what to write on my own personal blog, but I don't even know why.

At first, I thought it was because I feel kinda sissy posting something that happened during my day. It was like writing a diary, and boys don't do diary! If there are males that are allowed to write a diary, that would be the captain of a ship or anyone like him.

I hate writing diary! I used to make one way back when I was in grade school, but my sister always steals it from me, then tease me after reading it, but that doesn't stopped me at all from writing a diary, but of course it pissed me a lot!

Gotten tired of my sister reading my diary, I decided to write it on a different way, a way I know I can only read it, so I started writing my diary through Alibata or Baybayin.
Believe it or not, I was just on grade school when I already understood and mastered how to write like that.

After all the efforts, I finally gotten tired of writing the same thing everyday and mature a very tiny bit .

During my high school days, My English language teacher told us to make a diary. I hate it! He wants us to write a personal diary, and pass it to him every end of the week for him to check it. it sucks big time!

But then, thanks to my sister, my diary became my criticism note for everyone on my site.
Well, she didn't actually told me to criticize my teacher or anyone, she just wants me to be myself and write what I felt for that diary making thing. She told me to write how I hated my teacher for requiring us to make one, and so I did.

My teacher loved my diary!

I can't write daily like a diary anymore. - That's what I thought, and that thought had been stopping me from making a successful blog.

I bumped into a blog recently, and I saw this banner saying that its blog is a hundred percent advertisement free blog. I was conscious of what that banner actually stands for, I clicked it to be redirected to its site.

And there it is, the answer to my question. I can't actually believe that the reason of my failed blog have an answer.

Written on their frequently asked questions is this:
Why do you care? Can't you just ignore the ads? I have ads on my blog but it doesn't affect what I write.

Many bloggers say they will not let the ads affect the editorial content. I question this statement. Can you guarantee that? And knowing that other people are offered money to "mention" a product on their site don't you start to wonder whether someone is recommending something in an unbiased way? We live in a culture where advertisers directly influence and in some cases control and create the culture at large. Honesty of the writing is affected when corporate interests are paying the bills. This has been proven time and time again in the case of periodicals, films, and television. The more ads that appear on blogs the less we will all trust in honesty of the medium as a whole.

The byproduct of this is that blogging medium (as with many/most others forms of media in our culture, magazines, news, film, etc.) is now *influenced/controlled* by large corporations. If you don't know why this is a problem I highly recommend the film "the corporation", which explains in a succinct way why most large corporations have no accountablity, and are only about the bottom line throwing public wellfare and the health of the planet to the wayside.
I then realized that what had been stopping me from making a successful blog is because of wanting to write about something that could attract advertisers or simply just to write something where I could earn money.

I wanted to write freely, express myself in a way I know I could. From now on, this blog is 100% Ad-Free. And I'm proud to say that even though I don't have that many readers like other blogs, My mind is not under the control of large corporations that only fool people with their lies.

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